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Macintosh Appraisals is a major Canadian Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting firm providing a broad range of appraisal services to a diverse and well-established client base. Founded in 1989 and centered in the Greater Vancouver area, Macintosh has grown to become one of British Columbia's largest and most widely accepted real estate appraisal companies.

High Standards

The firm has earned a reputation for professionalism and high standards through strict adherence to the Regulations and Standards of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Macintosh Appraisals brings exceptional quality control procedures and uncompromising independence and objectivity to each assignment.

Extensive Expertise

Our appraisers have extensive expertise in all areas of residential, commercial, and industrial valuations having completed more than 150,000 appraisals.  As a result the Company has compiled an impressive database of assignments.

Latest Technology

We are dedicated to providing our clients with appraisal services of the highest calibre, using the latest technology and appraisal methods.  Immediately upon completion and at the discretion of the customer, reports can be emailed directly to our clients.  We of course provide conventionally printed and faxed reports as well.  A Macintosh customer can take delivery of reports in any number of ways to suit their specific requirements.


Knowing that some customers are unfamiliar with appraisal procedures, we also pride ourselves on making the process as clear and straight forward as possible.  Ultimately, our experience, efficiency and philosophy keeps our clients' costs to a minimum.  If you have a need for real estate appraisal services, please feel free to contact us today for a consultation at:

Tel:   604-522-3900
Fax:  604-522-2611
Toll Free in North America:  1-866-522-3900
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