Our Clients

Macintosh Appraisals has completed real estate appraisals for the following companies:

Financial Companies

ABN AMRO Bank Canada
Absolute Rate Mortgages
Accent Financial Services Ltd.
Accredited Home Lenders Canada
Advance Plus Financial Services
Afro Canadian Mtg. Inc.
AHL Canada
AK Mortgage Plus
All Mortgages Financial Inc.
Allied Savings Credit Union
Alpha Mortgage House Corp.
Alpine Credits
Ambro & Associates
Antrim Investments
Apek Mortgages
Armada Capital Corp.
Armada Mortgage Services
Asari Mortgage Solutions
Aspert Mortgage Inc.
Aspire Mortgage
Assent Mortgage Corp
Assurance Mortgage Services
Astrum Financial Services Inc.
Atlantic Financial
Auxilium Mortgage
Avco Financial Services
Axis Mortgage Corp.
Ayyaz Mortgage Alliance
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bayfield Mortgage Professionals
Bayview Financial
BC Central Credit Union
BC Mortgage Connection Corp.
Bello Mortgage Corp.
Belmor Mortgage Corp.
Bestway Mortgage Corp.
Blueshore Financial
Caisse Populaire Credit Union
Cambridge Mortgage Investment
Canada Lend Inc.
Canada Trust
Canada’s Best
Canada’s Best Mortgage
Canadian Mortgage Experts
Canadian Mortgages Inc.
Canadian Western Bank
Canwise Financial
Capital Direct Lending Corp.
Capital West
Cascade Pacific Mortgage Corp.
Centum Pacific Mortgages Inc.
Centum Universal Financial Services
CHIP (Canadian Home Income Plan)
CIBC Option Mortgages
CIBC Trust
Citi Financial
Citicorp Home Mortgage
Citizens Bank
Citizens Trust
City Wide Financial Corp.
CL Capital Group
Clear Trust Mortgage
Clestial Mortgage Corp
Coast Capital Savings Credit Union
Columbia Mortgage Services Inc.
Comat Mortgage COrporation
Commonwealth Mortgage Corp.
Community Mortgage Service Corp
Community Savings Credit Union
Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc.
Cosco Mortgage
Council Trust
Cove Mortgage
Creative Mortgage
CW Canada West Mortgage Inc.
Da-Lay-Kay Mortgage Professionals
Delta Credit Union
Delta Equities Ltd.
DLCBC Mortgage Group
Dominion Lending
Dotcom Financial
Dreyer Group
Edelweiss Credit Union
Elder Mortgage Corp.
Elite Lending
Emerald Capital Corporation
Envision Credit Union
Envision Financial Services
EQ Lending Corp
Equal Mortgages Co. Ltd.
Essential Mortgage Company
Evergreen Mortgage
Expert Mortgages
First Circle
First Class Mortgages Inc.
First Heritage Savings Credit Union
First Line Trust
First National Financial Corp.
First Swiss Mortgage Corp.
FirstLine Mortgages
Fisgard Capital
Fleetwood Financial Services
Fraser Valley Credit Union
Freedom Capital
G&F Financial Group
Garibaldi Mortgage
GBK Financial
GE Capital
Gentai Capital Corp
Genworth Financial
GET Acceptance Corporation
Global Mortgage Corp.
Great Pacific Mortgage & Investments
Greated Vancouver Community Credit Unioin
Greenwood Estates Mortgages
Greypine Capital Corp
Gulf and Fraser Credit Union
Hazeldean Mortgage Corp.
Heritage Lending Group
Highland Mortgage Investment Corp
Home Financing Solutions
Home Loans Canada
Home Mortgage
Home N Work Mortgages
Home Savings and Loan
Home Trust
Homeland Mortguage Corp
Household Finance
Household Realty Corp.
HSBC Finance Mortgages Inc.
IMAC Mortgage Inc.
ING Bank
Innovative Mortgage SOlutions
Integre Mortgage Partners
Interbay Funding
Interest Advantage Mortgage
Investors Group
Invis Financial
Kal-Mor Mortgages
Kelleway Mortgage Architects
Korea Exchange Bank
Kraft Mortgage
Lanyard Financial Corp.
Laurentian Bank of Canada
Lloyds Far East (BVI) Limited
London Life
Lone Star Mortgage Corp.
LSG Capital
Mandate National Mortgage
Maple Ridge Credit Union
Maple Trust
Matrix Mortgage Global
MCI Mortgage
Meridian Financial Services Ltd.
Meridian Pacific Mortgages
Merix Financial
Montreal Trust
Morguard Trust
MortEq Lending Group
Mortgage Advantage
Mortgage Alliance
Mortgage Approval Corp.
Mortgage Architects
Mortgage Mortgage Centre
Mortgage Corp.
Mortgage Depot
Mortgage Direct
Mortgage Evolution
Mortgage Group
Mortgage Intelligence
Mortgage Solutions
Motiva Financial
MRS Trust
MSD Mortgage Corporartion
Mutual Life
National Bank of Canada
National Mortgage Services
National Trust
N-Brook Mortgage Corp.
New Avenut Lending
North Shore Credit Union
Northern Savings Credit Union
Nova Financial Services
One Stop Mortgage
Optimum Mortgage
Origin Home Financial Partners
Pacific Financial Corp.
Paragon Mortgage Group
Peet & Cowan Financial Services
Peoples Trust
PHL Capital Corp.
Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation
Pioneer West Acceptance
Pipeline Mortgage
Plan B Mortgage Service
Powell River Credit Union
Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corp.
Prestige Mortgage Corp.
Primerica Life
Prince Financial Inc.
Professional Mortgage Services
Pro-Line Mortgage
Pro-Mor Investment Services
Prospera Credit Union
Puget Sound Bank
Rala Investments
RBF Financial
Re/Max Macklem Mortgage Services
Real Mortgage Associates
REMCO Financial Services
Resmor Trust
Richmond Savings Credit Union
Ronin Mortgage
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Trust
s/b EQ Lending Corp.
Saturn Capital Corp
Scotia Express
Seabird Financial
Secure Mortgage
Select Mortgage Corp,
Spectrum Canada Mortgage Services
Spin Mortgage
Springhouse Investments Corp
Standard Trust
Strategic Mortgage
Street Smart Investing Ltd.
Sun Life
Sun Life Trust
Sutton Mortgage
Syndicate Lending Corp
Synergy Mortgage
TD Canada Trust
Teachers Savings Credit Union
The Associates
Toronto Dominion Bank
Trans Canada Credit
Tri City Mortgage fund
Trillium Accessible Mortgage Corp.
Tri-Tell Mortgage
Tudor Mortgage Corp.
Universal Mortgage Architects
U-Select Mortgage Services
VanCity Savings & Credit Union
Vector Pacific Mortgage Corp.
Verico Financial Services Inc.
Verma Enterprises Ltd.
Village Credit Union
Vintage Valley Mortgage
VWR Capital Corp.
Wallace Mortgages
Wells Fargo Financial corporation
Westminster Savings Credit Union
Workers Compensation Credit Union
Xceed Mortgage Corporation
Xeva Mortgage
Yespros Financial
Your Best Mortgage
Your Mortgage Source

Corporate Firms

Accory Financial
Accurate Bailiffs
ACD Realty LTd.
Aliant Development
AMK Construction
APIP Holdings
Argus Estates Ltd.
Armstrong Dumontet & Co
Arvand Investment Corp.
Atlific Property Management
B & W Insurance
Bankruptcy Trustee: Alexander G. May
Bayview Debt Help Center
BC Land Development
Bona Fides Financial services
Brian Davis Inc.
Brouwer Claims Canada & Co. Ltd.
Chris Dupuis, Notary Public
CN Rail
Coldwell Banker
Conwest Group
Co-Operative Trust Company of Canada
CP Rail
Crosby Property Management Ltd.
Dalla Zanna Properties
David Pel & Company
Donegal’s Land Co. Ltd.
Elite Wealth Advisors Inc
EverNu Developments Inc.
FNF Canada
FWS Investments
Garry Gracey, Notary Public
Haney Automotive
Harmony Real Estate Ventures Inc.
Harrison Beach Hotel Corp
Hayer Properties
Headford Cultural Group
Hilstrom Oil
Home Alone
Homelife Benchmark Realty
Hope Estates Ltd.
I Fortune Homes Inc.
Keyfacts Canada
Kina Estates Inc.
Kyoto Fine Foods Ltd.
Labatt Breweries
Land Development & Financing
Lark Group
Lolo Properties
Martin Kastelein, Notary Public
Mohawk Lubricants
Monarch Developments Ltd
NAS (Nationwide)
National Mortgage Web
Nexus Investment Corporation
North Vancouver Orthodontics Centre
NPO Services Inc.
Oceanridge Realty
OFS Wealth Management
ParkLane Homes
Peak Property Management
Porte Communities
RAB Properties
Rogers Sugar
Royal City Marina
Royal Diamond Casinos
Royal Insurance
RPRS Recovery Services
Sahar Investments Ltd.
Salvation Army
Sand + Associates Inc
Skore Holdings
Southern Railway of British Columbia
St. Georges School
Stuart Crown & Company
Suncorp Valuations
Superior Propane
Sutton West Coast Realty
The Public Trustee
Titus Financial
Tri City Property Management
Veranova Properties Ltd
W. E. Industries Ltd.
Wawanesa Mutial Insurance
Wesbild Holdings Ltd.
Westbridge Fine Arts Ltd.
Westcoast Genesis Society (non-profit)
Westone Group
Woodal Properties Ltd
Wynford Group

Law Firms

Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang
Anderson & Co.
Angela S Kerslake Law Corp.
B. Blake Law
Bakonyi & Company
Baldwin & Co.
Baumgartel Gould
Bayshore Law Group
Beck, Robinson & Company
Bell Spagnuolo
Bilkey, Quinn
Bill Sheddy Law
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Brian B. Corbould, Q.C. Law
Brian Markus Law
Bryenton & Associates
Burke Tomchenko & Fraser
Campbell Burton & McMullan LLP
Campbell Saunders
Carla Lewis Law Corp.
Cassady & Co.
CGM Lawyers
Chambers Westwood Law Office
Cinnamon Jang Willoughby
Clark Wilson
Cobbett & Cotton
Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP
Columbia Square Law Office
D. Gosal & Associates Law Corp.
D. McKinnon Law Office
Dallas & Company
Darnell and Co.
DBO Venture Services
Dentons Canada LLP
Deuling + Company
Devlin Jensen
Diane Gradley Law
Dick W. Eng Law Corporation
Dickey, Browning, Ray, Soga & Dunne
Dickson Murray Law
Donohoe & Company
Drysdale Bacon McStravick
Dunnaway, Jackson Associates
Dusevic & Co.
Dyonisus + Company
Easton Joshi Lawyers
Ellis Roadburg
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Fasken Martineau
Feller Drysdale
Fleming Olaon & Taneda
Fominoff Ross & Co.
Freisen & Epp
Garry E. Wong
Garton & Harris
Gowling LaFleur Henderson LLP
Greiner Bethell & Company
Hamilton + Associates
Hamilton Duncan
Harper Grey Easton
Hart Legal
Hawthorne, Pgggott + Company
Henderson Heinrichs
J. Blair Thompson Law Coprporation
J. Lorne Ginther
Jenab & Co Law Corp
Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP
John Fairburn + Associates
John Meyer Law Corp.
John Piamonte
Jordon J Kopelow Law Corporation
Joseph M. Prodor Personal Law Corp.
Joyce Thayer Law Corp.
Kahn, Zach Ehrlich Lithwick LLP
Kane, Shannon & Weiler
Kathleen Packard Barrister
Kathleen Walker Law
Keller Williams
Kim & Company
Kornfeld Mackoff Silber
La Van & Company
Larry W Pippard Law Corporation
Lawson Lundell
Lawyers West
Lewis Spencer Law Corp.
Lindsay Kenney
Linley Welwood LLP
Lowther Family law
MacCallum McIntyre
MacDonald, Boyle, & Jeffrey
MacKenzie Fujisawa Brewer
Maclean Law
Maxwell Hopman Mennie
McAlister Hallam Barristers & Solicitors
McCarthy Tetrault
McQuarrie Hunter
Megan Ellis + Company
Merle Campbell Law Corporation
Milne Selkirk
Mortimer & Rose
North Shore Law LLP
Open Door Law
Oreck Karby Barristors and Solicitors
Owen Bird
Owen Dolan
Paine Edmonds LLP
Paul A Hildebrand Law Corp
Peterson Stark Scott
Quay Law Centre
R. Craig Campbell Law Corp.
Randie Wilson & Company
Richard P Hamilton Law Corp
Richards & Richards
Robertson, Downe & Mullally
Sabharwal Law Group
Salima Samnani Law Corp
Schwarz & Co. Law Corporation
Severide, Staplin, McCallum & Co
Shandro Dixon Edgson
Silbernagel & Co.
Sliman, Stander & Co.
South Fraser Law Corp
Soverign Law Grouap
Stanley A Schwartz Law Corp
Stephen M Miller Law Corp
Sugden, McFee & Roos
Susan G. Label Law Corporation
Thortensson + Company
Turaglio McPherson
Valley Law Corp
Virk Law Group
Webster Hudson & Akerly
Westside Family Law
Whitelaw Twining
Wilcox & Company Law Corporation
Wolley & Co.
Yair S. Leibovitz Law Corporation
Zuckerman Law Group


Anavets Senior Citizen’s Housing
BC Assets and Land Corp.
BC Association for Community Living
BC Provincial Government
Britannia Lodge Nursing Home
City of Coquitlam
CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing)
Corporation of the District of Maple Ridge
Federal Government
Land and Water British Columbia Inc.
Lynn Valley Care Centre
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Transportation and Highways
North Shore Private Hospital
Public Trustee
Public Works Canada
Township of Langley
Translink Property Department
Village of Anmore
Village of Lions Bay
West Vancouver Care Centre

Relocation Companies

All Points Relocation Service Inc.
Brookfield Relocation Services
CN Rail Relocations
CT Relocations
Crown Relocations
Nortel Networks Relocation
Prudential Relocations
Relocation Prop. Mgmt LLC
Relonat (National Relocation Services)
RE/MAX Relocations
Royal Lepage GOC/RCMP Pacific
Royal Lepage Relocations
Sirva Relocations
TransferEASE Relocation Inc.
Weichert Relocation