Purpose of Assignments

Mortgage Financing

If you are looking for mortgage or bank financing, we can prepare an appraisal for your lender, in order to support your mortgage application.

Division of Assets

A separation or divorce requiring the division of assets is a difficult time for all parties. Whether it’s a current market value, a retrospective value, or both, we have the knowledge and tools needed for an objective appraisal of the property involved, we can make things a bit easier.


When litigation arises, we can prepare an unbiased appraisal for review by the parties involved or by a court or arbitration panel. We also have expert witness appraisers certified in court to help your case.


In the event of a foreclosure, we provide appraisals of properties prior to them going to auction or for a lender’s review using the most recent sales data available to ensure a fair market value.

Estate Appraisals

Assessment of value of the assets in an estate is a crucial part of the probate process. Real estate appraisals play a key role when an estate involves real property.

Capital Gains Taxation

Capital gains from appreciation of property assets can be subject to taxation. We can provide current and retrospective market values on properties subject to capital gains taxation and understand the intricacies of tax law involving and their relation to real estate appraisals.

Insurance Claims and Valuations

In the event of property damage, we can provide appraisals for properties in their current condition and post remediation. Our appraisals can also assist in resolving disputes on insurance related issues.

Acquisition and/or Disposal Transactions

Whether buying or selling, our professional appraisals can ensure the property in question is priced accurately and assist to determine loan amounts.

Assessment Appeals

We can provide appraisals to challenge a statutory authority’s assessment of your property’s value

Highest and Best Use Analysis

Residential or commercial, or other use? This financial analysis will demonstrate the most appropriate use for your property or site


To determine an asking price prior to commencement of marketing, our professional appraisals help both seller and buyer

Partial Takings

Similar to  Expropriations but often more complex appraisals. The parties often rely on a fair, unbiased appraisal to determine the required compensation.

Change in Use

For old or obsolete buildings, let us appraise their current value compared to the value if/when the usage is changed 

Rent Valuations

In cases where rental evidence is unclear or inconsistent, we can provide an objective rental appraisal to help bring the landlord and tenant to an agreement


Our objective property appraisals can be used as the basis for settlement of divorce related property issues

Retrospective Value Estimates

For various reasons a retrospective value estimate may be required. Given our extensive data base of market values over the years, this we can provide


Appraisals of property assets are required on transfer of ownership to the beneficiaries of an estate

Portfolio Analysis

We’ll look at investment returns and the performance of assets within a portfolio to help you map out a more effective property asset strategy

Expert Testimony

At times when parties cannot agree on the value of a property asset, our appraisals and expert testimony can assist in bringing resolution to the dispute


When executives are required to relocate and sell the current home, a relocation appraisal can estimate how much the property can be sold for in a reasonable amount of time.


Sometimes for the greater good, land (or land and buildings) need to be compulsorily acquired by authorities. We can prepare an appraisal to demonstrate the property’s true market value as part of the compensation process for land owners

Feasibility Studies

Not sure if a development is financially feasible? Our detailed feasibility studies, with sensitivity analysis, can help you make the right decision.


Our trust appraisals are professional and objective, and help to determine the value of property assets when a trust is set up or during a deemed disposition.